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What Is SEO And  Why Do You Need It?

If you are on this page, you are probably wondering what is SEO, what do we offer and why does it matter? No worries, we are here to guide you through it.


Let’s start with SEO!


SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization . It is a very crucial key in the world of internet marketing. It plays an important role in how your website will rank in the search engine. Popular search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo are the main sources of information that millions of people in all different age groups use everyday. Search engine provides a search of vast virtual data and return the most relevant answer/data to the end users. That is why relevant content always ranked very high on the search results. These high ranking results draw instant attention from the users. Every search engine has a unique but fundamentally similar searching algorithm. SEO is used to optimize websites in order to gain a high ranking in the search results.


SEO Benefits To Your Business

SEO Benefits

What Does It Mean To Your Business?

As we all know by now that Google has become part of our daily life. We use our phones, our tables, our computer to do research in order to get the information that we need. SEO brings a high value to your business by simply increase your ranking for keywords in the search engines. More visitors and higher traffic to your website simply means more clients, more customers and more money for you. Properly done SEO can boost your site ranking and give you A LOT of good benefits. Of course there are plenty of BAD SEO that can also sink your site ranking or even causes Google to de-index your site which means your site will disappear on search engine! Avoid any bad SEO that will hurt your website at all cost!



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What Is A Keyword?

In the world of internet, a keyword is the word that people type into the search box in search engines. Keyword is relevant to your business and how people can find you. For example, if you own a plumbing business in Washington, you will want your website to appear on the firs page of Google for keyword like “DC plumber”, “Washington DC plumbing” and etc because this is what related to your business and what customers are searching for.


Each keyword has a  value and competition. To put it in a simple term, the keyword “Car Insurance” will be very hard and expensive to rank compares to keyword like “Air Conditioner Repair In Alaska”. Companies like Allstate and Progress are paying hundred of thousands to rank their site for “Car Insurance” because it is a lucrative business that thousands of people are searching everyday”.


With that been said, the first part of our seo process is to find out the most valuable keywords that targets your business and the search volume. There is no point to rank #1 for a keyword that nobody searches for. This means we will focus no only relevant to your potential customers in you area but also their search pattern and keywords. Keyword research is the first and crucial step in proper SEO.  IF DONE CORRECTLY, you will find a great return on investment and get more clients you need.  We will do this for free with a consultation for Washington DC SEO. So give us a call today!


How Long Will It Take To Get To Page One On Google?

Ranking on page 1 of Google depends on many factors, but it is always our first priority and goal when it comes to getting your site to the top. From my experience, a low to medium competition keyword will generally take one to two months. Higher competition keywords will take a bit more time and more linking strategy. The reason it might take long is because we want your ranking to be permanent. There are some SEO companies that use black hat SEO and rank sites very fast, but most of these method will eventually get hammered by Google. Google dislikes spammy and black hate SEO. So we want to be effective and safe.



Our Services:

  • SEO Search Engine Optimization – Get your website ranked on first page of Google. More Customers and more profits
  • Video Marketing – Have a product or video? You can rank the video on Google Search Engine too!
  • Web Design – Have a beautiful, responsible and mobile friendly website to attract your customers.
  • Lead Generation Website Rental – Create a site that generate leads.
  • Google Business Place Optimization – Let your business show up on Google Business Map.
  • Social Media Management – Create and manage your social media accounts.
  • Web Site Content Creation – Need more content for your website? We have professional writers to write content for your website. More interesting contents.










Our Honest Advice

There are many SEO companies out there that claim they know SEO and are able to do it for cheap. The main part of SEO is building backlinks, once a bad and spamming SEO is done, it takes a lot more effort to try to fix it and remove the links. If your website gets de-indexed or penalized by Google, it will never appear on the Google search engine. So be very careful when you hire a SEO company.

 Do not go for cheap SEO companies that will spam your website.  You will lose more than you will gain in the long run. If done SEO can bring a lot of customers and clients to your business.  It is one of your greatest investments considering the great return on investment. Get an honest and credible SEO expert to grow your business.

We Are Very Proud Of The Value And Results That We Have Brought To Our Clients.



More Question?


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