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Are You Missing Out The Great Business Opportunity From Local SEO?

Business owners use many different ways to market their business. Over the years, internet marketing has become one of the most effective ways in marketing. Business owners enjoy great source of customers, business opportunities, exposure and credibility through online marketing present. As a result, many business owners are looking for how to maximize their business opportunity through the web. However, the overloading of information can be overwhelming.


Many Washington DC SEO service providers are overpriced , over-promised and can not deliver result. Many business owners feel frustrated because they are wasting money and get no result. If that has happened to you, don’t worry, you are NOT ALONE! Over 50% of the business owners that we talk to have the story of paying expensive service and get zero result.


The good news is that we are here to help you. We will give you a brief explanation of why local DC Search Engine Optimization is so important to your business.


Being Number 1 On Search Engineer For Your Local Keyword

Imagine you own a plumbing business in Washington DC, and you are ranking on Google #1 position for the keyword term “DC plumber” or “best plumber in DC’.


What does it mean to you and your visitor? Take a look at this tracking studies done by Cornell University.

Google Search Engine Local SEO

The figure shows that being on the number 1 position on Google will generally get around 56.36% of click rate. It makes sense because as a web visitor myself, I typically click on the first 3 websites when I do a Google search. You are  probably doing the same too. Visitors want information fast and accurate. So just being number 1# on Google for “DC plumber”, your website will get over 50% of the traffic for this keyword. This means more visitor and more business for you! Can you imagine if you can 1000 visitors a month and 10% of them become your customers, that is 100 paying customers a month!


Another important point is that keywords like  “DC plumber” or “find a good DC plumber” are very targeted keywords, which means the person who puts this in Google is very likely looking for a plumber in DC. There local SEO is very powerful for small business. When there is a demand, there will be business opportunity. This is the power of search engine!


Build Your Online Reputation

There are so many benefits about having a great online reputation and online market.


  1. Attract more visitors to your web site(s).
  2. Create more prospects who will turn into your paying clients/customers.
  3. Internet marketing is always less expensive and cost effective than traditional advertising.
  4. Having your information such as hours and types of services online can save your time and labor expense.
  5. More people will contact you after seeing you reputation.
  6. Reputation will pass along to create more profit and credibility for your business.

…And more.  This is vey powerful stuff!


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