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Hello, I’m Jay Ho and I’m a SEO expert. I would love to help you rank your website on the first page of Google so you can get more customers and generate more revenue.


When you are looking for a good Baltimore SEO Expert or Maryland SEO Company, it is important to find someone who actually knows SEO and can actually rank websites with visible and real results. As an SEO Expert, I have ranked hundreds of website on Google search engine. I have helped many business owners improve their business and generate thousands or ten of thousands extra revenues online. Imagine having extra customers calling you everyday from Google.


We are the best Baltimore SEO Agency you will find. We are proud to more than just a SEO company, we are a search engine marketing firm that helps you market your business online.


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Tips On Finding A Good SEO Company

Baltimore SEO company


Companies serious about investing in online marketing should consider using search engine optimization (SEO) to increase organic traffic to their websites. People use search engines to find out specific information on topics they are interested in. SEO allows you to target people looking at specific search terms and get your website to the top of the search engine results. To accomplish this, finding a good SEO company is imperative.


SEO involves manipulating search engine algorithms to achieve the desired ranking for a site. You cannot do this without a certain amount of expertise. Google and other search engine providers do not publicly release their source code for people to figure out how it works. People must spend a lot of time doing analysis on sites, researching patterns, and networking with other SEO professionals to determine the factors that are most influencing ranking at the moment. As a result, the majority of people do not have the necessary expertise to do SEO for themselves. Finding an appropriate professional is thus vital if you are truly serious about using SEO in your business.



Not all SEO Professionals Are Created Equal


Selecting the wrong one can actually do more harm than good for your ranking. This is because manipulating Google’s search engine results is technically against their terms of service. The whole idea of SEO is anathema to the company. The company has implemented algorithm changes in recent years that strongly penalize any attempt to hack the rankings. Poorly done SEO, therefore, can result in your search engine ranking plummeting. It can even result in your site being deindexed entirely.


Therefore, prior to hiring any company, it is important to inquire as to their methods. For example, you need to ask whether they use automated link building tools to generate backlinks to your site. Many people use tools such as Scrapebox, SE Nuke Xcr, GSA Search Engine Ranker, and Magic Submitter to submit automated spammy links using randomly spun articles. This can result in short term rankings. However, when Google’s filters recognize the spam, the sites they link to will likely be highly penalized. Make sure that any SEO company that you hire manually creates backlinks. Also, make sure that they never use spun content in creating those links. All content should be original and well written.


Ask about how many links a company will be building to the site each month. This is an important question since link velocity is an important factor that Google uses to detect spam. Some SEO firms will send tons of links upfront to get a ranking fast and then slowly build additional links. This looks entirely unnatural. Generally sites that naturally become popular have links gradually accelerate over time. As a result, any company that you hire should strive to start slow with some high-quality links, and then gradually accelerate the pace of link building as time goes on. The company should continue to build on this base with new links every month.




It is also important to ask about the types of sites that the SEO will be using to get backlinks from. There are many paid backlink networks out there. Google really hates the idea of paying for a link, unless it is through Adwords advertising. The more people who purchase through a given paid network, the more likely it is that the identity of the network gets divulged to Google. While paid link networks can be very effective in the short term, these networks eventually can be discovered. This happened to the ever-popular and effective Russian SAPE network two years ago. Remember, technically all Google needs to do is to purchase one or more links to locate sites that are part of the network.


Best SEO Company


One of the best ways to find out if an SEO company is good is to see if they practice what they preach. If an SEO company is good at ranking websites, then their own website should be ranked highly for those terms that people are looking for when seeking SEO help. This is one area where you can judge the efficacy of a company as it competes with its rivals. Do you really want to hire an SEO company in Atlanta that is only on page three for the keyword search “SEO Company Atlanta.” Starting with such a search in your geographic region is a great way to begin to locate those companies that you might want to do business with.


SEO can really help you connect with new customers. However, it has to be done well to be effective. Finding a good SEO company is thus vital if you want to realize the full benefits of this marketing strategy.


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